Submissive behavior in women

Today is often to see a submissive behavior in women. One of the theories that describe a reason for this submissive behavior in women is the evolutionary role of the woman in a human society. The main role of a woman was a taking a care about a family and childs in a secure and safe settlements . She had not played an important role by hunting of animals or defending the home, but the upbringing the child’s and the warm of home was she’s obligation.

submissive woman body posture Submissive behavior in women

The social background of submissive behavior in women

In the environment where the dominance was not needed and the empathy prefered the education, shes behavior became more and more submissive in a relationship with mans. This don’t mean that a role of woman was unimportant or degraded but more adapted to the situation in a society.

In today word is the submissive behavior in women is less present, almost because of proper education of equality in everyday life and work. Womens adopted good to the new situations but the main role in home is the same as before, only new positions and roles was added to the existed. The submissivity of woman is today less presented or is not so strong as before WW2.

Signs of submissive behavior in women

The submissive behavior in women can be presented in everyday life, on workplace, in a family, in relationship with a man or in sexual life. Now ever happened that all of this type of submissivity is presented by a person in a same time and same intensity, but is rare to see a strong submissive behavior in one side of life and a dominant behavior in one another.

Often is a submissive behavior in women pared with a partial or total passivity. The intensity of submissivity is by passive persons in a direct relation with she’s passivity. The reason for this is the wish to be guided by a stronger person. After a person receive the guide, she’s passivity disappear and the instructions will be followed. The main reason for this behavior was the wish to be instructed into a correct way.

This behavior will be not presented ever and not for everyone in any situation. The hierarchy  position in which is she will to be placed depend of the situation in which she is, in position in the current society or community, in a emotional bonding to a person or to from shes financial position.

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