Signs of aggression

In a today world is not so simple to see how a peoples around us rely feeling, so we miss to see the signs of aggression. More and more person have difficult to deal with everyday problems on work and family, so the simplest reaction that happened by mans is the aggression. This aggression don’t must necessarily be exposed or executed to a person or object, but is present in life and have an influence to a decisions on work or in family life.

If You are able to see the first signs of aggression in human behavior, You are able to relax a person while talking about a different theme, or using humour as a weapon against aggression. You have to known that an aggression is ever an active emotion. It can be directed against a person or a group or against objects. Not any person show the same signs or aggression but the aggressive behavior is similar in some attributes.

The appearance of signs of aggressions in facial expressions

The first what You see in the face of a person is the anger. The tension of muscles is one of the signs of aggression that describe the intensity of the emotion. The lips are pooled against each other, there is a tension in whole face.Anger emotion signs of aggression

The appearance of signs of aggressions in body language

One more sign of aggression is the pointing with a finger. The finger is used as a weapon, it prolong the aggressive mind. The pointing at all is the sing of a aggressive behavior, because it have to show the person that have to take a distance. Interesant is that a pointing with finger is almost used in a social distance. When the persons are close to each other, the pointing with a finger is rare to see, because of possibility of fight, where a finger can be demaged.Aggressive pointing signs of aggression

Immediately before an attack, is the most powerful signs of aggression a pushing a hand in a fist. The mans use the fist as a fighting tool, so this is a most powerful sign that a man present before an attack. It happened if the anger ist on culmination. Almost the mans can’t control this sign, so it will be often presented before the beginning of attack.

Fist territory signs of aggressionThe voice and the speaking volume will be changed in the aggressive phase of emotional distress, so the person who can listen good are able to feel that something going wrong even if they don’t understand a language.


As we described, the anger is the first sign of aggression. No one begin to be aggressive and don’t to be angered before. A second sign of aggression is to see in hands. The third sign of aggressive behavior is to be listened in a voice. Pay attention to all of this signs of aggression in a human behavior to known when have You to relax the situation.


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