Our solutions for education and testing is based on simplest way for fast and efficient learning. With test that we provide You trough our knowledge testing tool, You will see the current level of your knowledge. Any test can be repeated again but all the questions and answers will be randomly generated, so your attention will be present with this method.

We provide a the theoretical and practical tests in two main groups, in the facial expressions and body language.

Facial expressions test are based in 7 main facial expression: anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise and in two different groups, practical and theoretical questions, also 14 different test that provide the bast way of understanding, spotting and interpreting the basic emotions presented by face. Hundreds of different pictures will provide You the basic skills for the successful reading of expressions.

Body language test are based in 9 main parts: courting, dominant and submissive behavior, echoing and mirroring, eye movements, hand and arm movements, leg positioning and moving, lie detection, object manipulation ant territory, all of this based in theoretical and practical questions, with lot of pictures and models.

As our customer You can track the results of your tests, the good and the wrong answers, the ratio of wrong answers, and with continue repeating this test, You will master the wonderful non verbal language.

We provide to analysis services, so if you wish that our experts analyse some pictures or videos we can do this for You. Just contact us, and we will make the analysis for you with the pictures, video or audio material that You provide us. You pay only if we can provide You the profile or the answers to your questions. The prices depend on the quantity of provided material and the number of questions. Almost is the price between 20 and 500 £.

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