Object manipulation

Background of object manipulation

Using of tools was the first major milestone for evolution of the human. From this times we have used more and more tools for working and for showing our status in a society. In today world is the life without using objects impossible. The object manipulation tell a lot about the persons attitude, emotions and feeling. The right interpretation of this manipulation provide a good message how to approach a person and known what he feel.

Body language and object manipulation

Jewelry is the most used used object by woman. One of them, the ring, represent our bonding to the other person until the end of life. Unfortunately, the reality is often a bit complicated, so not all marriage are happy. Hiding this information is often necessary by friends, nobody like to be feeling of abuse in marriage, bu there is sign that is almost presented by the person show have this problems, and this is the object manipulation with the ring on finger. This presented on the next image.

ring object manipulation

Fortunately, there are a lot of positive signs that can show the interest to other person. Grooming the other or touching shes or his object is a positive sign. Nobody will touch one object from an unknown, but if You are familiar with somebody, You will not feel aversion of his objects. Touching the clothing or arm from other is ever a positive sign. Mans don’t use this methods by dating, but woman. Next picture presented this.

touch arm object manipulation

The woman is really interested in this man, she show shes neck, legs pointed at 45 degree, feet pointed to him and the she have touch his arm. This object manipulation if often seen in courting.

One other strong sign of interest is to eat from other persons food. The next picture illustrate this object manipulation.

eat food from other person object manipulation

Self grooming is to one way to use his own body parts as object that show our beauty. This method is often presented by woman is she is interested to a person with she talk. Next picture demonstrate this behavior.

self grooming object manipulation

Presenting himself with an object on pictures is almost a sign of showing dominance. This is rare by woman but mans use this method often to show he is able to make material stability. Mostly is the car by mans that show his status object. Often is the usage value lower that a status value. Next picture presenting how the man show his dominance and power with a car.

man object domination object manipulation

Another way of object manipulation is the mouth. Often is presented by anxious or nervous person. The roots of this behavior are presented in child ages, as the mother have breastfeed the child. This emotion of “having something in mouth” is often used to control this anxious state. Nail biting is often presented by mans, the woman don’t use this behavior because she wish to have nice nails. By woman is the same meaning with object. Note, there is a difference between the using the object with toots and only with lips. Manipulation only with lips have a strong sexual message, used by woman.

pen object manipulation

On this picture is presented the biting of glasses. The person in not sure, he thinking about, but he had hard to make a decision. The best what You can do if You see somebody to do this, is to explain him your mind and to support him with presenting the information that he miss for the definitive decision. Note this is often an important moment on presentations, because the person is near to make a decision but have not the complete information what is needed. This is the last moment when You can solve the problem. If the person leave the glasses to the table, he had his decision. The same meaning is by using the pen, presented on next picture.

brill beat object manipulation

The cigarette is often to an object that can tell about the attitude of person. If the cigarette point to down, the person attitude is more negative. The cigarette that point to up, show the interest, concentration and relaxed behavior. Next picture present this.

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