Legs and feets in body language

Background if legs and feets in non verbal communication

Legs and feets are mot truthful information source about the interest and what we fell. The distance between the brain and the legs and foots is bigger that from brain to eyes or hands, so we don’t take so much care about the position and movements of our legs.

Crossed legs and feets are often presented, but the meaning can be different, depended of situation and the gesture. The leg in position four is presented on next picture.

woman open body legs and feets

This way of crossing is often presented by mans in western cultures. The meaning is ever a positive attitude if hands don’t grip the leg. If the hands grip the leg in this leg position, the meaning is opposite, also unsure not certain condition, the person hold all what he have and can help him, his leg for run away. The open leg position four is rare by woman. Almost dominant woman show dis in public, because the genital area is exposed and is not a feminine body position. This position of legs and feets are more typical for man but for woman.

Crossed legs can be have a different meaning, depended of the angle to the other. On next picture is presented the not interested legs and feets crossing.

closed body posture legs and feets

Legs are crossed by the both person, but it pointing not to other. If the angle of crossed legs are 90 degree or more, there is no interest. If the angle is under 90 degree the interest exists. This is presented on the next picture.

open body posture legs and feets

Both persons legs showing to each other but about 45 degree to the torso of other. At this angle is the leg good to see, and don’t present a barrier for approach. On the next picture is presented how the angle to other can present a barrier for approach.

closed body posture legs and feets

As You can see the man is close to woman, but he can’t go more close, because shes legs pointing at 0 degree to his torso. She use shes right hand to as a barrier and the legs and feets are crossed.

For woman is the presenting of shes beauty often important. Today societies prefer feminine beauty, and the legs are definitive one point of interest for mans. Often happened that a woman pull up shes skirt for a bit, without to thinking about this, just to show a bit more from shes legs. This is a definitive positive sign for a man. Next image present how this looks.

show more legs and feets

As You can see, the rock is not pulled total up, it not show the genital area, but just a bit more of leg is to see. The man goal of this by woman is not show shes genital area or the full leg, this just a message that she think about the main goal of shes short rock. The main goal is not to be naked, but to present so much beauty as she can. Similar is the message by correcting shes clothing or make up. She known that shes clothing and make up looks nice, bu she wish to show more beauty. Woman do this only to the point of shes interest and this is the other person.

Pointing with legs and feets can give us the information about the interest to one person. On the next picture is presented one real situation.

interest legs and feets

The person with the red map is the point of interest, because the other two persons feet looks to him. His feet pointing to the other two, so he have share his attention to the both other.

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