Fear as an emotion

Background of fear

Fear is one unpleasant emotion. The main goal of this emotion is to prevent the harm caused by events, animals, ideas or peoples. The avoiding of harm and pain is the motivation by the fear. Often can happened that we feel it before painful event, if we known that this event cause pain. This behavior is to see mostly by dentists. In the situation that a person is not prepared for the harmful or painful event, the first facial expression is the surprise immediately followed with fear expression.

Some persons like the fear expression. The pseudo-fear events, like all extreme sports, roller-coaster, bungee jumping, skydiving or fast driving provide a person the expression of exiosity for his life, on one situation that is controlled by himself. The adrenaline kick is the main reason why some peoples like this experience. Almost is this presented by mans, to show his strong endurance at the risk of harm. By woman is this behavior rare, and is presented by dominant woman, who wish to show his equality with mans.

Perception in facial expression

Intensity of fear can vary from apprehension to the most extreme – terror. The main goal of terrorists is not the killing, but the emotion of fear by the civilians. The reason for this is that a human bean under extreme emotions is ready to brake any rule to survive, and the massive and collective emotion can produce aggression and braking of rules of the civil society.


The facial expression of fear is presented in all three facial areas.

Fear brow is raised and straightened. Often is confused with surprised brow, because in both are the brows lifted, but the main difference is in the inner corner of the brows. Surprised brows are lifted, but the inner corners are not drown together, like in the fear brow. On the next picture is to see the fear brows on left side and the surprised brow on right.

brow fear surprise

Reason for this confusion is that a fear is often presented only after the surprise, because the surprise is one unpleasant emotion, and we if the source of fear appear suddenly, our first reaction is the surprise.

Horizontal wrinkles are presented on the forehead, like by the surprise, but the intensity is lower and the wrinkles are not presented on the entire forehead, like in surprise.

If is only to see the fear brows with forehead wrinkles, but with neutral lower face, the meaning is lower intensity or is a controlled maybe faked emotion.

Eyes are raised, the upper eyelid is puled up, like in surprise, but the difference is in lower eyelid. In surprise is the lower eyelid not tensed, but in fear lower eyelid is the tension presented. On the next picture is to see the difference, left is the fear eye and right is the surprised.

eyelids fear surprise

Mouth is open like by surprise, but the difference is in the tension of lips. By the fear mouth, the lips are tensed, not relaxed like by surprise, and the corner of lips can be drown back. At intensity of lips tension depend of the intensity of fear emotion. On the next picture can you see the two different fear mouth. On the left face is the intensity lower that on the right. Note that is almost the fear mouth a strong sign of genuine fear expression.

mouth fear two intensity

Often is the fear mouth confused with the anger or surprise mouth. The main difference between the two mouths is that an anger mouth show teeth, and the lips are puled out, looking bigger. The main difference between the fear and surprised mouth is on the tension of the lips. The surprised mouth had no tension on lips, like by the other emotion. On the next picture, You can see the difference of fear, anger and surprise mouths.

mouth fear anger surprise

The mostly used blend is surprise. Reason for this is explained before, but we show You the face with this bled.

fear blend suprice

On the left face is the fear expression presented in upper face, the surprise is to see only on the mouth. There is not tension on the lips, are relaxed and not drown back.

On the right picture is the fear presented only on lower eyelid. The rest of the face show the surprised emotion. This facial expression is presented is the surprise is followed with fear, also one unexpected event that can produce harm.

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