Facial expressions

Facial expressions are the mostly used way to present emotions and attitude. Unfortunately often misunderstood or not recognized facial expressions have a result of wrong approach to peoples in private and professional life. There are six base emotions presented by face. This looks simple, but the intensity, time of expression and the combination of some different expressions at the same time make it harder to recognize the emotion behind the face.

Liars and manipulative persons try to mask his real emotions or prevent to show it. Fortunately only 2 percent of population is able to have success in this ugly game. Lot of studies have show is hard or not possible to prevent showing expression of emotions from the peoples who know how to read and understand the language of face.

The correct interpretation of the facial expression can provide the base to recognize the micro-expressions. This way of showing emotions is mostly truthful that a classical facial expressions, but is harder to recognize it because short duration time. That is never simple making decision about the emotions behind the words, even when You see the expression for just some milliseconds. With our computer based testing and learning system You can learn successfully read and interpret facial expressions.

Falsely interpreted facial expressions can result misunderstanding of emotions and attitude of Your partner. In family life is often this a reason for cheating or divorcing. With our education and testing system, you can learn how to see and interpret correctly the facial expressions and the emotions behind the face.