Facial expressions of the attitude

Background of facial expressions of the attitude

All the persons change his feeling and minds in a couple of milliseconds, depended of the source of emotion. The moment of experience the source of emotion and begin the emotion in face is one good sign is the emotion real or false. Emotions like surprise are brief in begin and ending. The duration of this emotion is to low, but the intensity can be high. By the reading of facial expressions of the attitude any small signs or changes are important, so look the brief changes.

Signs of a complex facial expressions of the attitude

Not only the speed, but the intensity of the emotion can describe much about the facial expressions of the attitude by a person. If You look the picture below, the person looks angry, but the only one involved facial part in presenting the attitude are eyes and eyebrows.Anger with low intensity Facial expressions of the attitude

A same emotion but much stronger is presented on the picture below. Note that an altitude of the person is much intensive, what You an see with stronger muscles tone in the facial area. The meaning is same but the intensity is more stronger or is the emotion controlled, to present the real attitude with an unreal facial expression. Persons use often the facial expressions of the attitude to tell his minds.Strong anger Facial expressions of the attitude

All the six base emotions can be presented in face. This emotions describe the attitude of a person, no mater of his gender, age or race. The picture below describe all the 6 base emotions and how they looking on the real faces. Any of them can be a facial expressions of the attitude.Six basic emotions Facial expressions of the attitude


Is not ever so simple to recognize the facial expression of the attitude from a person. Looking only to the face, because the facial expressions are most complex a fast in present and his rapid changing make it more harder to known what have You to look.

The complexity of facial expressions in attitude recognize have a source in mixing the emotions inside one expressions. Some elements of one expression are presented in the face alongside other expressions from a different emotion. The main problem is to recognize which two or more emotions are presented. never forget that no one attitude is simple, so the facial expressions of the attitude are complex to.happiness fear  Facial expressions of the attitude


An example of the complexity of emotions recognize by facial attitude is presented on the upper picture. The base emotion is happiness, the mouth is relaxed and little opened. The second emotion presented is the fear. This emotion is to see in the upper side of face. The message and the attitude is different if You recognize only one of the two emotions or both of them. A situation there is this attitude mostly presented is the meting a person on the street who You fear but will not show this emotion to the person in a direct contact.

One another way to see a different attitude changes in facial area is the elapsed time between the emotion change. The fastest emotion is ever a surprise, no mater if it appear or disappear. The emotion that follow the surprise is the main emotion about the persons attitude in a given situation. A source of the emotion had arrived two emotional changes in a person attitude. First was a surprise, also the person was not prepared for the happening. The second emotion will appear after the person understand a new situation but had not made an attitude. After a second emotion is presented, the person develop the attitude about the given situation. Please note that a combination of surprise and one another emotion is the most way of creating facial expressions of the attitude.

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