Eyes and the body language

Background of eyes movements in body language

Eyes are the mirrors of our soul. The movements and the look of eyes explain a lot about the persons minds and emotions.

The eye contact depend of culture, social position, interest and dominance. In Japan and other Asian countries is the long eye contact not recommended. The person who is on higher social position can allow him self a longer eye contact intervals as a simple employ, but this depend more on the dominant behavior of management professionals. The interesting play a big role by the eye contact. If we like somebody, we will look more toward him or she, but the interval of looking will be smaller.

Role games and eyes contact

Dominant persons showing his authority by long looking to other persons. This stare have reaction by other to break the eye contact and this breaking of eyes contact is often received as shame or submissive behavior. Is exist situations where is the long time looking not accepted as sign of dominance or aggression, for example by teachers who ale looked often for a hour, or in show business.

In one classical conversation the eye contact is about 4-5 seconds presented, and after this time, the contact break. Longer eye contact is presented only by more intense emotions (love, fear or aggressive behavior). The side where is the eye moved play a big role by the reading of human behavior. If the eye contact is broken with downing the eye, is almost a sign of shame or submissive behavior. Almost the eye contact is broken by the person who begin to talk, and the person who listening take the eye contact.

By speaking, the looking to side or changing the direction of eye contact have special meaning. Almost the looking to right side is the sign or remembering and left side is for creating or self dialogue.

Looking right up is presented by visual remembering, to one event or picture. Next picture figure how it looks:

look right up eyes

Right center direction is presented by remembering to sounds and any other auditory events. Presented on next picture:

look right center  eyes

Right bottom is presented by remembering to emotions and feelings. Presented on next picture:

look right bottom  eyes

Left up eyes direction have meaning of visual creation. Next picture illustrate this:

look left up  eyes

left center looking often mean auditory creation. Presented on next picture:

look left center eyes

Left bottom eyes direction is presented by self talking. By older peoples the lips show slight movements.

look left bottom eyes

Blinking rate is important marker about the emotions of a person. The blinking rate will be increased by interest to one person. The pupils will be dilated by person who feel interest to You, by talking. The reason for this is that over the bigger pupils come more light inside of eye, and this provide better and more detail picture about the person who is looked. The evolution have use this physiological change of eyes as best way to find somebody beauty. On the next picture is presented the normal pupil size on left and the dilated on right.

dilated pupils eyes

Note that some drugs can dilate the pupils to, but the behavior of a drugged person and the normal person is different.

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