One of the most powerful motivator in life of the human. All what we do in our life is based on the wish to feel and to provide the feeling to others.

Understanding the emotions can provide a basic advantage to be successful in professional life or in relationships. No one feel on same way the same things at the same situation, so is important to understand the signs that a person show. Fortunately, there are some facial expressions and body postures that are same all over the World. Only 7% of communication consist of words. The rest of 93% if provided by body language and paralanguage.

Body language and facial expressions are the best mirror to see or to show the emotions. The understanding of this will provide you the human oriented approach on work and much success in personal life. If you can see what the peoples near You feel or think about You or Your attitude, You will be able to make the right reaction and to control the situation.

In professional life is necessary to known the attitude of employees or the management. With the known-how of human behavior is simple to be effective project manager and to provide creative approach to problems with the human resources. As employ can You use the known-how to grove faster in the company’s hierarchy and prevent the uncomfortable meetings.

At home or with friends is the know-how of emotion perception or presentation necessary for good friendship or happy family. The early perception of problems is based on the interpretation of emotions that are showed with fine body language changes or facial micro expressions.

Our professional training system can provide You the best way to learn this ability, on the fastest way. With the beginning of the test, you will see You current knowledge and the success level.