Echoing and mirroring

Background of echoing and mirroring

An echo is when a body position is taken by a man and a woman follows and adopts the same posture. Mirroring on the other hand, occurs when a posture is adopted simultaneously by both people. There may also be a slight variation in the posture. This has the same effect as echoing though. A good example of echoing and mirroring is presented on the next picture.

echoing and mirroring by dating

The body postures of this couple are open, the territorial organisation on the table is equal. This sign is called mirroring.

The background of this is in empathy and emotional reflection. Empathy is the ability to recognize, extend and share emotions and feeling. The main goal of emotional reflection is to have same emotional level as the other. Often is this presented as a total harmony of movements, body postures and facial expression. Often is the level and the speed of talking same, and the used vocabulary. It must not be presented only by lovers, by good friends or inside the family is this presented to, and is a sign of harmony and equal relationship. Mirroring is rare in relationships that is based on dominant/submissive behavior.

Pedagogy of echoing and mirroring

Child often mirror the behavior and the vocabulary of parent or older brother or sister. The reason for the mirroring in not the same emotional level, but the wish to be as the parent. Kids looking to the parents as to idols, in age of 5 to 12 years, and after this period begin the mental and behavioral evolution, but the base of this development was the behavior of parents in early childhood. Baby’s can recognize and reflex the emotion of happiness and sadness at the 6 month age. One good example of echoing and mirroring is presented on the picture below.

echoing and mirroring by child

Politicians use echoing and mirroring to, but not to often. In Politics, this behavior is to see by persons who wish to be on equal with the other, but this is rare, because political wish to be dominant and powerful. A good example of mirroring in politics is to see on the next picture, by meeting Bush and the Pope. The message of this picture “we are same, we are on same side, and we have the same interest, the believe and the religion”. This behavior is rare to see in one job that talk about power and dominance.

echoing and mirroring by politicians

Mirroring can vary in intensity, from partial mirroring, where only one body part or movement will be mirrored, to a full mirroring, where the whole body posture and gestures is mirrored.

On the next picture is presented the full mirroring between friends.

echoing and mirroring by friends

And the partial mirroring on the next picture.

partial echoing and mirroring by friends

To proof is somebody on your “wavelength” with You, make a little change of your hand or leg, and look the reaction of other person to this changes. If the other change his position in next one minute, there is mirroring, and is a good sign. This is never presented if the person look in You an opponent or somebody who can harm.

Note that echoing and mirroring don’t mean necessary that a person love You or that she wish something from You. Often is the misunderstanding of echoing and mirroring a source of some troubles.

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