Disgust as emotion

Background of disgust

This is an active negative emotion against objects, smells, touches or body parts, but is never against the human bean. The primary goal of this emotion was to put away from the human body all the objects that can present an unpleasant feeling. Nausea and vomiting can occur with the most extreme, uncontrolled, primitive experience of this emotion. This reaction can be brought on not only by tasting something repulsive, but by the sight or smell of something repulsive. Of course, nausea and vomiting occur without disgusting, and likewise disgust occurs without nausea or vomiting.

Perception and appearance in face

disgustGettig-rid-of or getting-away-from is the response that is produces in one disgusting situation. This is the only one emotion by the hearth (pulse) rate is decreased. The most important clues to this emotion are manifested in the mouth and nose and to a lesser extent in the lower eyelids and eyebrow. The upper lip is raised, while the lower lip may be raised or lowered; the nose is wrinkled. The lower eyelids are pushed up, and the eyebrow is lowered.

The intensity appear in nose wrinkling.
Peoples who have Huntington’s disease are unable to feel disgust and are unable to recognize this emotion and facial expression by others.
Most often, it is blended with surprise. The reason is we don’t like the source of disgusting element and we are surprised about the source. The expression looks like on the picture.

surprice disgust

By this expression is the disgusting presented in nasal area, like in all other disgust blends. Is is the disgusting presented only by mouth, is almost a sign of controlled facial expression. It not mean that is the disgusting not presented at emotional base, but the wish to control the emotion is stronger that a disgusting itself. It produce often a disbelief. Example of this facial expression is to see on the next picture.



Disgust blended with fear is presented often by a strong emotional reaction to an object that present a danger for us, or we believe that a danger is real. Again is the disgust presented in lover face and nose and the fear in eyes and brows. The picture of this facial expression is presented below.

fear disgust

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