Courtship and body language

Background of courtship

We all like to love and to be loved. This emotional state change both physical and mental the human bean. The signals what we send by this emotion stage is different, depended on the gender, but we all like the courtship, no matter of race, nation or gender.

By mans is the courtship almost presented in showing strong and powerful body and by verbal communication is the presenting of humor and confidence. But this is never so simple, because we don’t like to be abused, so showing the signs of interest is not ever presented in controlled form, to avoid the harm and pain by declining our approach to other.

In today typical relationships the woman make the first step in courtship, if is she interested. It not mean that a man can’t do the first step, but mans showing his interest to some woman, and woman are the person who accept or decline the approach. Because this, some mans have trouble to handle the situations of decline, and this painful events lower his confidence.

By woman is the situation different. Woman don’t show shes interest to much mans. The problem for mans is the perception of signs that is showed by woman in courtship. Because this, for woman is important to repeat the signs of interest much more time, that a man must repeat it, to arouse the interest of woman. Woman handle better the body language perception by courtship, but is harder to control it. Mans don’t recognize so fast the signs of woman interest, but are better in control his own signs.

Body posture

First at all, is important the body posture. If one person is not interested in other his body language will show this at some signs. The body posture will be closed, also hands crossed on upper body, legs crossed and pointed away from the person, or directly to the person, as a barrier to prevent approach. On the next picture, You can se this positions.

closed body posture courtship

At this picture can you see that both the man and the woman are in closed body posture. The hands are crossed and prevent the approach. The mans body turn away from woman at 90 degrees, the woman’s body is to turned away from the man, but in bit smaller degree. The angle between peoples body’s showing the intensity of interest.. Also, on this picture, the woman show a bit o interest to man, but it don’t must be pleasurable reason for interest, as You see the facial expression the reason is more negative. The legs are crossed by both so is the genital area safe from other. The clothing of woman show to that she not interested to the man, shes dress don’t allow the man to view shes legs, she don’t wish to show him shes beauty, also his courtship will be senseless in this situation.

On the next picture can You see the opposite situation, also interest from both side, the courtship of bot is nice to see.

open body posture courtship

On this picture can You see that both body’s are pointed toward each other, but not in 0 degree. The hands don’t cover the upper body there is no fear from other person. The man stand on one leg, giving the message “am so strong and stable” by his right hand is over and close the woman. The woman reaction is not not to take a bigger distance from his hand, because she don’t feel danger from this man. Shes hands in pocket shoving to shes genital area. This sign is not so often presented by any woman, almost is presented by self confident or dominant woman, because is this one strong sexual message, if both persons known each other longer time, or can be just a sign of dominance without sexual interest if the persons don’t known each other by longer time. The woman left leg is pointed to the man, slightly near to he. This is to a strong sign of courtship, interest and the wish to show the man shes leg.

One another often showed sign of interest is the self grooming and teasing. On next two pictures is presented this signs. This is a most seen sign by women courtship.

self grooming courtship

On this picture is to see how the woman correct shes hair, but this  behavior can be presented to with correcting the clothing to. The main goal of this is to show himself in perfect look and she pay attention to be beauty. This behavior is to presented by mans to, but so often, because the woman pay more attention to physical look, because she known that man look to she. This is one strong sign of interest. Often is to see by homosexual and metrosexual mans.

One other sign is the teasing. This signs is presented almost by woman, is rare by heterosexual mans.

face teasing courtship

The main goal of this is to point to the face and show shes beauty. This is to a strong sign of interest, and is rare presented to much persons at same time (meetings). The hand show as a base for the face, and the message is “my face so beauty, i give it You with my hand”. If You see this sign, You have to known that a woman make a fine courtship.

Woman often use the touching as a strong message of interest. Correcting the clothing of other and touching the object that belong to to other is almost a sign of interest. One exception of this rule are the persons who do this with all persons. The best way to proof this, it to observe the behavior of the person with other friends.

The height difference between the parties is sometimes the reason for wrong approach. The higher party (almost the man) should never use this for showing dominance or higher position from the other, at the beginning of dating. Is better to bow down and show a bit submissive behavior but to present yourself as a dominant alpha male. To high dominance can scare the woman, and she will avoid the approach, so never be to aggressive in courtship.

height difference courtship

On this picture is good to see how the man have bow down, and to show the woman equality. This is important by first dating, because without this equality the other party, she will have a feeling to be controlled and this emotion stop any later relationship by most woman.

One another strong signal in courtship showed mostly from woman is exposing the wrist and the neck. This both part of body is intimate for most woman. Showing this present a message “I don’t fear from You”. On next picture is presented this.

show wrist woman courtship

The message on the upper picture, from the left woman is “I am familiar with your present, your not a danger for me”.

Same message is the showing of neck. The neck is one unprotected area of a body. Exposing this area by animals is often a sign of submissive behavior. By humans is the message almost same, but is presented often by woman or submissive mans in courtship. On the next picture is presented this sign, with whispering as reason for approach, maybe in a loud bar.

woomen neck courtship

We will talk about other signs of interest, but the most important by reading the body language of other to see the base line, also the normal behavior of body language when a person is not in courtship. The signs about we talked before ale strong and definite signs of interest, bu the most important is to see not only one signs of courtship. The human bean have a mixture of emotions at the same time, so the mixture of body signs will be presented to at the same time. Understanding and correct recognizing this signs can provide You better chance by dating and lower abuse rate. The rule of four mean that You have good chance if four signs of interest are presented at same time.

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