Contempt recognize and the meaning

Background of contempt

Contempt is one negative emotion, that can poison any relationship between two humans. The person who feel it, have not this negative perception about his own attitude. The reason for this is in the root of emotion. This emotion can be directed only to a human bean, not to the object. Often can happened that persons in quarrel say each other “I am disgusted from You!”. This is not true, because a human can’t feel disgust to one person, but often is the contempt emotion presented together with disgust and anger, rater with fear and surprise.

The person who feel contempt to one other must be able to compare his own principle with subjected person. This comparison provide him the feeling of superiority over the other persons principle. This feeling of superiority is the main reason why the person who feel contempt can’t recognize the negative emotion. He is happy that other is worse from him. This is a main different to happiness.

Facial expression and his appearance


The facial expression of contempt is similar to controlled happiness, with the main difference of asymmetrical expression. Almost is this asymmetric presented on opposite side of used hand (by left hand persons is used the right side of face, by the right hand persons the left).

The intensity of this emotion is not ever proportional with the intensity of asymmetric, but more with the control of the hiding.

Scorn is to one facial expression that is presented by contempt emotion.


Often is contempt presented together with disgust. On the next picture can You see the middle and lower face with this expression, because the eyebrows and eyes are not involved.

contempt digust

The asymmetrical mouth show the contempt, but there is presented to the wrinkles on the nose. This wrinkles are normally not presented by the simple contempt expression. The meaning of this expression

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